6 weeks to 12 months
12 to 2 years
3 years to 5 years
6 years and up
After School
Daily Rate
Hourly Rate
$ 130
$ 120
$ 110
$ 85 (Weekly and Summer Rate)
$ 75
$ 35
$ 6

Program Director: Tracia Geter
Our Philosophy
We believe that each child is a precious gift from God with unique and special qualities. Our major emphasis at The Christian Learning Center is to help children discover their God given qualities. We believe that children learn best in an interactive, "hands-on" environment. Since children need to feel secure before they will begin to explore their environment, we will give them love and respect, and help them learn how to interact with others. The activities will provide opportunities to develop their cognitive, social emotional, physical and spiritual growth. We feel that play is the most important aspect of young childrens lives. It is essential to their well being and development. New concepts, new skills and new understanding come to children through play. While playing with others, children can formulate organized ideas, and become more flexible in problem solving. Children's attention spans begin to lengthen while they play. Their imaginations can take them anywhere they want to go. During play children will learn to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and needs to others. Children's "work" is play. That is how they prepare for the future.
There will be $5.00 off each additional child's fee. All recipients of DSS or other assistance programs, please check with worker to verify coverage.

Christian Childcare Learning Center
651 Country Club Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28301
Phone: (910) 920-4170
Fax: (910) 823-4817

Hours of Operations: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm

There will be a required Registration Fee of $45 when child's application is completed and accepted. This fee will guarantee your child's placement in our center. This Fee is non-refundable.


Christian Childcare Learning Center