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College/University Information Page


Getting Ready to Graduate or in College? 

No matter what year of school you are in, it is never too early to think of your future education.
To grow in the Lord, it is best to immerse yourself in a Christian education.

    This page is meant to provide information to help you achieve that goal.

    Don't forget. If you are already enrolled in a non-Christian college, it is possible to TRANSFER to a Christian college. Don't be afraid to email or call
    the college or university. They will be happy to help you.

   College Questions (find answers at the bottom of the page)

    1. What is a credit hour?

    2. Is a semester hour the same as a credit hour?

    3. How many credit hours does it take to graduate with a 4 year, Bachelor's Degree?

    4. Will all of my credits from one college automatically transfer to another if I change schools?

    5. What is "graduate school"? 
        (Lubbuck Christian University, Lubbock, Texas (1-800-933-7601)
  (Southwestern Christian College, Terrell, Tx (1-972-524-3341) (Abilene Christian University, 1600 Campus Court, Abilene, Texas (1-800-460-6228)

ROTC webpage.

ROTC webpage.
(Harding University, Searcy, Arkansas)
(Oklahoma Christian University, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (1-800-877-5010)
(David Lipscomb University, Nashville, Tenn (1-800-333-4358)
(Freed-Hardeman University, Henderson, Tenn (1-800-348-3481)

College Answers (answers to questions above)

    1. A credit hour is a unit of measurement. Most college semesters last 16 weeks.

    2. Yes, a semester hour is the same as a credit hour.

    3. A four year degree requires a minimum of 120 credit hours.

    4. Most colleges will only accept credits if: grade is C or above, the credits are from an accredited school/college, or the class pertains to their
        program or can be applied as an elective to their program.

    5. A graduate school is the school (college, university) you attend after you graduate with a four year college degree. After obtaining a Bachelor's 
        degree (4 year degree), some people go on to earn their Master's degree which is usually 1-2 years more of school.

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