Church of Christ at Country Club Drive, Fayetteville, NC

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      Pantry Alert!

    Our pantry is in need. We ask that all families bring canned meats, canned vegetables and dry boxed foods (cornbread, noodles, etc...).  By doing this we will be able to restock our pantry and help those persons that come to us in need. Keep in mind The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37).
Please put your donated items in the Fellowship Hall in the designated box.

Please submit your Announcements to

By: Friday for Sunday's Announcements
Tuesday for Wednesday's Announcements

Soundroom/Audio Visual

Brothers or Sisters

Please Contact: Bro. Charles Geter

If your interested in helping out...Thankyou.



If you have any information about:

Lectureships/Gospel meetings, Men, Ladies, or Youth Events and/or Corrections to the Site.

Support The Brotherhood

Anyone interested in worshipping in Carthage

Contact: Bro. Bernard King

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